From Monday to Friday, our school starts at 10:50 AM and gets over at 4:30 PM.

On Saturday, it gets over at 1:50 PM.

Students are expected to be in school by 10:40 AM.

All students MUST maintain 75{14a04c4dca273e3f3fb01005178acfddc8d8874cef4525bce3646b0bfd58a46e} attendance in all respect.

For any purpose, students must attend school in proper school uniform.

All students must be present in school’s playground by 10:40 AM for daily assembly.

All students must sing the School prayer and National Anthem with pride and respect.

All students MUST follow Discipline in the school.

All students must attend school in neat and clean uniform with proper grooming.

All students are expected to be of caring, persevering, forward looking and empathetic nature.

All senior students should take care of their juniors with due respect.

All students should make good use of platforms available for their development.

To abide by the rule “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, do leave the areas in school in a good condition and maintain the state of cleanliness after use.

Mobile phones MUST NOT be used in classrooms.

DO NOT waste water and keep the washrooms neat and clean after use.

School environment MUST NOT be harmed in any manner.

Work with all your classmates and teachers to achieve optimal outcomes.

Always share your views and thoughts with your peers as well as teachers.

All students MUST be punctual for lessons.

Students MUST NOT leave classroom/school without permission of teachers.

Keep the classroom neat and clean at all times.

Show consideration to others by keeping the noise level low.

Appointed monitors of respective classes are responsible for maintaining the minimum decorum needed to run a class.

For Boys:

White shirts, navy blue pants, school belt, school tie (for H.S. only) and black shoes must be worn while attending school.

Decent hairstyle should be observed by each and every student.

No ornaments like kada in hands, earrings, chains, rings etc. are allowed in the school campus.

For Girls:

Class 5 to 8 – White & blue checked shirt with navy blue tunic with black shoes

Class 9 to 12 – White & blue checked kameez with white salwar and dupatta with black shoes must be worn while attending school.

No ornaments like kada in hands, earrings, chains, rings etc. are allowed in the school campus.

To provide students opportunity to learn and grow in a secured and comfortable environment.

To make students realize their roles, responsibilities and the impact they can have on the world.

To make school a place where students love to come and learn.

Bunking classes

Use of mobile phone during lesson

Misbehaving with students or any staff member

Eve teasing

Cheating in any test/examination





Damaging of school resources

Other criminal offences